Non-Profit Organizations

Free Custom Wristbands for Veteran Non-Profit Organizations

Angels of Mercy Program
Clothing and supplies for wounded service members

Children of Fallen Heroes
Housing, college grants and scholarships for children
and spouses of fallen heroes
1-888-805-7383 or 301-685-3421

CSSP Bridging Military and Community Service System

CSSP Bridging Military and Community Service System

Disabled Patriot Fund
Board of Directors: Jeff Ficaro
Phone: 312-296-3646

Folds of Honor
NWI Folds of Honor
Chair: Robert Carnagey

Honor Flight Chicago
938 W. Montana Street
Chicago, IL 60614-2409
Phone: 1-773-227-VETS
Fax: 773-289-0909

American Red Cross
600 chapters nationwide provide financial applications for the Military Relief
Societies that may be hours away from those who need assistance. Tragedy
Assistance Program Support (TAPS) services are also provided
1-800-257-7575 (Español)

Military Family Research Institute, (MFRI)
Purdue University
Hanley Hall, Room 210
1202 W. State Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907